Over the course of life we are all aiming to preserve gained income through the investments into securities, property or other instruments. Although the primary goal is to preserve the value of the funds over the number of years, taxation may deprive such goal from realization. 

At Aston Ground Management we analyse personal financial goals and taxation to find together with you the most suitable solution. We advise on the tax burden for you or your family, should the assets be acquired, sold or inherited in foreign country.

Although most of the times the job offer overseas sounds appealing, it happens that some of the allowances are not available for the foreign employee. Therefore, the living or child care expenses may not be deducted and dramatically influence on the income available for the family. All such tax peculiarities are important to analyze before the life decision is done. We advise on the tax consequences in case of changing the personal tax residency due to relocation.

Our services are not limited to the above mentioned, we provide consultancy on any matters related to personal finance and investments.

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