International taxation is one of the most important matters while doing business, purchasing assets or changing country for living or work. Specific tax system’ characteristics of different countries make the tax planning as a very complex process, requiring a deep knowledge of cross-border taxation rules. 

Although EU legislator is aiming to harmonize the tax law within the EU, each of the Member States has its sovereign right to implement the law according to their tax system. Most of the countries are tightening their rules in order to combat profit shifting and tax evasion. As a result, they implement more stricter rules and such rules may differ among Member States. Some times improper tax planning may lead to double taxation or high administrative costs to comply with the rules, etc. Consequently, tax planning at the beginning or amendment of the existing course of business should be done very carefully with consideration of all the existing legal provisions of the countries involved.

In such situations the most reliable and valuable is the knowledge gained through the practice. Working with customers based in different countries, we are well familiar with peculiarities of the tax systems of different countries, as well as other constraints, which might affect your goals. 

We are happy to assist you with any complex tax issues arising in the course of your business activity or personal circumstances. We will assist you with the analysis of various tax systems and tax law of different countries, in particular within the EU, the USA and the Ukraine.

We assist with international tax planning, analysis of EU primary law, national tax legislation of various countries and double tax treaties for the business or personal goals. We will analyse your international transactions and estimate the tax burden.

We assess the risks for the existing business or personal circumstances within the scope of such law and advise on suitable solutions.

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