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Tax matters today are playing the most decisive role in international business environment.

They influence decisions related to the investments, development of the new business, entrance to the new market, cooperation with international partners or relocation to the other country.

Therefore, finance, tax and legal matters are always come together.

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Specific tax system’ characteristics of different countries make the tax planning as a very complex process, requiring a deep knowledge of cross-border taxation rules. 

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We provide assistance with filing the bank compliance forms and participate in the negotiations with the banks related to the tax matters of our clients.

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Financial data is the core source  of information for the management decisions. We provide analysis of the financial data for the newly established companies and control external auditors.

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The primary goal is to preserve the value of the funds over the number of years. We access the influence of the taxation for the internationally based investments.

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“Dear clients, 

recent EU tax legal acts were developed initially to harmonize the internal market, and ensure the fair taxation in the Member States. At the same time, they provided additional burden on the taxpayers to comply with all the newly implemented legal and tax rules leading to the substantial time and administrative costs. 

We are here to assist you with the various tax, finance, legal and compliance issues you face in the course of the business activity or personal life.”

Olena Bokan


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